Snowy Day Soup

photo (13)It was a snowy day and my guys spent the day making snow forts and having snowball fights with the kids in the neighborhood.  By the time they came in, they were chilled to the bone.  I wanted to make chicken noodle soup as a way to warm them up quickly.  Problem was, I had soup stock but no chicken.  And did I mention it was a snowy day?  So the last place I wanted to go was the grocery store.  What to do? What to do?

When in doubt, check your pantry!  Mine always has canned beans, which are a great swap in for meat in a pinch.   Beans have a meaty texture and are high in protein.  And they have soluble and insoluble fiber, making them a healthy choice as well.  I used cannellini beans and they totally worked.  Most importantly, the soup was delicious!  Next time you’re running short on time or supplies, try beans in place of meat for a tasty and economical change.

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